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Hints for Travelling in Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea is a beautiful and culturally rich country. To Make your trip as comfortable as possible, please read through the following travel pointers.
Travel and Evacuation Insurance
We highly recommend choosing comprehensive travel insurance for your trip, covering trip cancellation, accidents, medical and loss of baggage. If your trip involves diving, it should be noted that the closest hyperbaric chamber is located in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea. Papua New Guinea has a very limited emergency rescue organisation, especially for remote areas. In the event an evacuation is required, any evacuation must be arranged with private air transport companies. Since emergency transportation and treatment cost is the responsibility of each guest, we require that you have evacuation insurance suitable for divers visiting remote areas. We highly recommend DAN membership and insurance. For more information go to the DAN Asia Pacific web site.
Please remember to pack your certification card, insurance details and log book (if you have one).
If you are diving on FeBrina, please bring originals of the completed and signed Standard Release and Waiver Form and the Guest Information Form with you to the boat for handing to the crew. If you do not have originals, you will be required to sign a waiver on board prior to trip departure.
If you are diving at Walindi, you will be given dive forms to fill out on arrival. the dive team will then find you in the main resort area on arrival or around dinner time to give you information on how the dive days are organised and what to expect during your stay with us.
Currency and Payments
The currency of Papua New Guinea is the Kina. This should be available for exchange at currency counters within most international airports before your trip. If there is a problem obtaining Kina before your departure there is an ATM as well as a Currency Exchange desk at the international airport upon arrival in Port Moresby. If you aren't planning to venture outside Walindi Resort or MV FeBrina you will not need to carry much Kina - we accept AUD, USD, Euro and Kina as well as major credit cards (Mastercard/Visa/Amex). There is no surcharge for credit card payments at the resort.
Passport holders of certain nationalities require approval from PNG Immigration prior to arrival in order for visas to be issued.
Latest advices we have from PNG Immigration are as follows:-
"Visitor and business entry permits are not available upon arrival for citizens of these countries: Afghanistan, all Africal countries, all Arab & Middle Eastern countries, Bangladesh, all Caribbean Islands states, Central and Eastern European countries, India, Nepal, Myanmar, Pakistan, Philippines, China, former satellite states of the Soviet Union, Sri Lanka."
Note that as of 1st March 2014, Australian Passport holders will also require to obtain a visa prior to travelling to PNG, they will no longer be able to get a tourist visa on arrival.
We highly recommend that all visitors to Papua New Guinea check current visa requirements and most up to date advices with their local foreign mission in advance of arrival, as PNG Immigration rulings are subject to change without notice. We do recommend that all travellers obtain a visa in advance of arrival for this reason and to save time when you may find yourself with a short flight connection time in Port Moresby. For a list of locations, please visit the PNG Immigration web site.
Applications for a visa can be made directly with the consulate/embassy or through a travel agent. Procedures for obtaining your visa in advance are listed here. However, if you do plan on getting your visa on arrival, please ensure you have six months validity and at least one full blank page in your passport.
Note that all tourism related services prepaid from outside Papua New Guinea are currently exempt from GST, and all published rates do not include for GST. This is a PNG government incentive and subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to apply any changes to this policy as they occur.
All purchases/services paid for within Papua New Guinea are subject to an additional 10% GST charge.
Local Customs
To respect the local traditions and customs, women are asked to wear a skirt or pants that cover the upper legs while outside the resort on while on land during a MV FeBrina charter.
If you are flying into Papua New Guinea with Air Niugini (PX flight number, not QF codeshare) and connecting same day to an Air Niugini domestic flight, then you should be allowed an additional 15kg checked luggage allowance for dive gear.
This is an arrangement between PNG divers Association and Air Niugini. Some counter staff might not know of this, but it is always worth asking the question. Regular weight allowances for economy passengers on Air Niugini flights are 23kg for international and 16kg for domestic flights. For more information please see the Air Niugini web site.
Arriving at Port Moresby International Airport
Port Moresby is the major international airport for Papua New Guinea, and most international air travellers will enter the country via this airport. If you alrady have your visa, proceed straight to the "Visitors with Visas" line in immigration area. We recommend organising a visa before your trip as the lines can be long and slow, and the flight connections can be quite tight.
If you are getting your visa on arrival, then you will need to go to the "Visitors without Visas" line (line 4) to obtain a tourist visa in your passport.
If you are connecting through to an Air Niugnii domestic flight on the same day, there is a domestic check-in transfer counter just past the customs desks (see map). It is recommended you re-lodge your luggage here for your onward domestic flight and collect your boarding pass. If this counter is closed for any reason, you can still check in for your domestic flight at the international check in counters (labelled on the map).
The domestic terminal is always very busy, so re-checking at the international terminal is recommended if at all possible, particularly if you have a tight connection. Once you have your domestic boarding pass, you can proceed up to the domestic terminal, which is a short walk from the internatinal terminal. Exit the international terminal onto the street and turn sharp right. Follow the covered walkway up to the domestic terminal departures door. Once you have cleared security, there is another security point through a door on the back wall (marked domestic departure lounge). Please note that the public address system is not very clear, so if you are unsure if your flight might be boarding, please ensure you check with the staff on the departure gates.
Map of International Terminal at Jackson Airport Port Moresby.
Flight Cancellation/Delay
In the event your flight to Hoskins is delayed or cancelled, do not panic! If you are joining MV FeBrina and you are re-scheduled for the next day's flight, arrangements will be made for you to join MV FeBrina the day after departure. If delay is more than one day, please ensure you contact Walindi or FeBrina to discuss options.
You may not get much indication from airline staff as to what to do next in the event of cancellation of your flight. If you have already checked your bags, head to the carousel to find them. Once you have all your belongings, exit the domestic terminal and go to the international building. Locate the customer service desk for your airline and explain your flight was cancelled and request assistance to re-schedule. The airline staff member should then organise you overnight accommodation if necessary, shuttle transfers and issue you with a new departure time. Alternatively you can go to the customer service desk in the domestic terminal but to avoid excessive lines and unnecessary wait times we recommend seeing staff at the international terminal first.
We do make every attempt to track down guests who may not arrive due to cancelled or delayed flights, and wherever possible obtain revised travel plans directly from the airline. Airport transfer from Hoskins will then be re-scheduled accordingly. However, we ask that guests attempt to contact Walindi Resort or MV FeBrina if they can (see contact details below) to advise that you will not be arriving as planned. If you do not have a phone with you, most hotels in Port Moresby will contact Walindi if requested, to advise of revised plans.
Contact numbers for Walindi Plantation Resort - +675 9835 441 or +675 723 48460
Contact numbers for MV FeBrina - +675 9835 441 or +675 723 48460
Contact number in Australia for MV FeBrina - +61 438 464451
Arriving at Hoskins Airport
Hoskins is the domestic airport in West New Britain, approximately a 35 minute drive into Kimbe Town and a further 20 minute drive to Walindi Resort. A tip for flying into Hoskins ... the bathroom facilities at Hoskins airport are not recommended! It is advised you used the bathroom facilities at Port Moresby airport or on the flight to Hoskins, as it is nearly an hour's drive from Hoskins airport to Walindi Resort.
Airport Transfers
Walindi Plantation Resort does transfers for both Walindi Resort and MV Febrina. The Walindi driver will be awaiting your arrival at Hoskins and will assist you with your luggage. If you cannot find him (he will have a Walindi shirt and a sign), the security guard at the luggage collection area will be able to point him out. You will need your luggage tags to present to security prior to removing your luggage from the luggage collection area.
Your departure transfer will be organised for you as per the flight details supplied to Walindi Resort. Please check with reception the evening prior for confirmation of departure time.
Packing List
Clothing should be lightweight, comfortable sportswear and bathing suits are a must. A light sweater or throw over is ideal for evening, especially during the months of June through to August. Dress aboard MV Febrina and at Walindi is always casual, however it should be noted that Papua New Guineans in New Britain are offended by ladies with uncovered upper thights, and we ask that you respect local customs.
Complimentary light laundry service is provided both on board MV FeBrina and at Walindi Resort.
Additional items you may want to bring are sunscreen, shampoo, sungalsses, a hat or visor and personal insect repellant or lotion. Hair dryers can be provided on request.
Before your trip, make sure to consult your personal physician or a travel doctor with regards to a malaria preventative medication or any other vaccines you may need. Malaria is prevalent in Papua New Guinea, but easily prevented. Regardless of whether you are taking an anti-malarial or not, the best preventative measures are to ensure you cover up during the early morning and late afternoon/early evening hours with loose, lightweight cotton clothing, and use a personal insect repellent. Please note that if you are diving with us, Larium is not recommended as an anti-malarial for divers.
The electrical current on MV FeBrina and at Walindi Resort is 240 volts. Plugs are Australian, three pin, and you may want to bring an adaptor with you (a limited amount of adaptors are available on request for guest use).
Power at Walindi Resort is supplied by generator between the hours of 6am and 11pm (the power will come on earlier if you have an early departure or early tours) and your room is also fitted with a 24 hour, 12v system which will run the ceiling fan, lighting and a charging socket overnight.
For information about your stay at Walindi Resort or on MV FeBrina, please do not hesitate to contact us at Walindi or on Febrina.

Travel Hints
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