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Papua New Guinea is a special destination for divers, birdwatchers and travellers ..... and one of the very special places within PNG is New Britain Island and Kimbe Bay.
Walindi Plantation Resort nestles on the shores of Kimbe Bay, and Max & Cecilie Benjamin and their staff have been proudly showing off the Kimbe Bay reefs to visiting divers for over 25 years. Walindi Resort is also home port to our boutique Liveaboard Dive Vessel, MV FeBrina. With Captain Alan Raabe at the helm, FeBrina has been exploring the waters of New Britain further afield from Kimbe Bay for over 17 years.
Getting to Walindi Resort and MV FeBrina is a short flight from Port Moresby to Hoskins airport, West New Britain and looking out the window on your flight you will realise that this is going to be no ordinary vacation. Mountain ranges that top 14,000 feet divide the main island of New Britain. The deeper valleys remained isolated until early last century; the land you fly over is occupied by people who have 800 different languages and cultures that are just as diverse.
While Walindi Resort has much to offer tourist of all types, the primary attraction for visitors to the resort and MV FeBrina is the spectacular diving, pristine reefs and amazing marine life. The images displayed throughout this site are just a small selection of what you will see on the reefs of Kimbe Bay and New Britain.


Distinguished Marine Scientist, Prof. Charles Veron, recently inspected the reefs of Kimbe Bay on behalf of The Nature Conservancy.
"The coral reefs of Kimbe Bay take me back forty years, to a time when corals grew in lush profusion, untroubled by the problems that beset them today. A short boat ride from Walindi Resort and I am diving on reefs that have half the coral species of the world, all awaiting those rare photo opportunities that come only with the clearest water. I am hard pressed to think of anywhere on earth that has this combination of vibrant health, diversity and beauty."
- Prof Charles Veron
Professor J.E.N. "Charlie" Veron is former Chief Scientist of the Australian Institute of Marine Science. He is the author of the three-volume series 'Corals of the World'.
Professor Veron was invited to deliver the keynote address on corals at the 2008 Climate Change Conference in Bali, Indonesia.
Professor Charlie Veron



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